Language Services

Many people confuse translation with interpretation. The main difference is that translation is written, while interpretation is verbal. Also, an interpret has a bit more freedom to express the message on the target language, while the translator has to be far more strict with the words and style chosen, since it has to almost perfectly mirror the original source.

Solution 2 BIZ offer professional interpretation service for medical, legal and business needs.

Our service arranges qualified professional interpreters for . . .
  • Medical appointments
  • Employee meetings
  • Conference calls
  • Legal mediations
  • Business meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Special needs and much more!

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Our translation service relies on native speakers for all translation, but takes advantage of proprietary software that lowers your cost over time while increasing accuracy on every project. We guarantee the accurate and time-sensitive translation of your written documents, websites and multimedia projects. From brochures to promotional materials, we have the technical expertise to complete your project.

Our service arranges the professional translation of . . .
  • Safety manuals
  • Technical manuals
  • Legal documents
  • Medical forms
  • Medical records
  • Audio Tape transcription
  • Business letters and memos
  • Employee handbooks
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Web sites and much more!